Digital Teacher Tool- Sticky Notes

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      Recently I stumbled across a virtual tool that I am excited to start to use in the classroom. It is not anything complicated or difficult to use, but a tool that we teachers are already familiar with, just presented in a new way: sticky notes! Yes, I said "sticky notes". Okay, so it is definitely not a new tool (what teacher does not use sticky notes?), but believe me when I say these sticky notes are different than the ones you have been using. These sticky notes are virtual, and when you write on one of them, it will post to your desktop. How clever is that? If you are anything like me, you always have three to four sticky notes with important reminders, posted on your computer screen. I do this out of necessity, but that does not mean I don't feel a pang of guilt about how much paper I am wasting just to write a little note.
     Now, I come across many tools that could potentionally be used in the classroom, but it is not every day that I find one that I really feel will work for me, or be one that I really need (and I'm not one to use a digital tool just for the sake of using it; the digital tool really needs to enhance my life in some way, no matter how small). This tool is different, because it is a tool that I already use, just in a slightly different format. I have already started to use this tool at home, so I am excited to bring it into the classroom as well.
     Sticky Notes is a free tool that can be found at the Chrome Web Store (if you have not already explored this site, do! There are tons of free extentions and apps that can potentially make your life easier). Once you download it, you will be able to open it from your desktop. You obviously use it like you would use any sticky note. In my case, I write important notes of things I need to do that day, (call so and so's mom, send _____ an email about ____, etc.). I do not think that launching the app and typing your note on it will take any longer than the time it takes to take a real sticky note (that might include finding your sticky notes first) and write on it. The nice thing is, is that once you write your note, it gets posted to your desktop (and you can change the font, font size and color of the sticky note, which is nice). The only downfall with this is that it is not immediately in your view, unless you have your desktop showing. This is not all bad, though, as it keeps your computer screen looking clean and less messy. You will just have to remember to look at your desktop to check your sticky notes.
     Another great feature is that your sticky notes automatically save until you delete them. So, the next time you start your computer and launch sticky notes, those same sticky notes will appear. They will not post back to your desktop automatically, however. At that point, you can launch them back to your desktop, or delete them if you just have not gotten around to deleting them yet.
     Is this a tool that you think you can use in your classroom? If so, I would love to hear about it.