First Day Read Aloud- A Digital Book About You?

As I was making a list of read alouds that I want to be sure to read during the first week of school, I began to fantasize about a read aloud that depicted me! Okay, this sounds very egocentric, so let me explain. I wanted to read a book about my own fears and nerves on the first day of school. A story that would show a little bit of who I am, while comforting and reassuring my students. What a perfect icebreaker, but done so in a way that would really pull all kids in (and kids just love read alouds!).
    So, I began to explore the internet to see what I could find. That was when I came across "Story Jumper". This digital tool allows you to create digital books for free (you can optionally purchase the digital books as well). I was very quickly able to create an account (again, for free), and then easily write a book. That was the exciting part! I wrote a book, loosely based off of "First Day Jitters", all about me being nervous for my first day. It even has pictures of me within the book, which I think my class will love!
    This digital tool has so many possibilities, but I wanted to share this with all of you because I think this could be a great read aloud for the first day. Just imagine how your class might react to a book where you are the character! How fun is that? If you are interested, you may read my book here.  I'd love to hear from anyone who decides to create their own read aloud.