Creating Your Weekly Teaching Plans in Google Sheets

     I have written many times about my love for Google Drive, and all things Google in general. As a teacher, their tools have enhanced my teaching because it provides so many tools for teachers. One such tool is Google Sheets (similar to Word's Excel). Though Google Sheets might be an obvious tool when working with numbers and data, I have a much different use for it: my weekly teaching plans.
     Google sheets is perfect for planning because you can divide academic areas, or class periods, with the columns and rows. This allows a friendly and easy-to-read layout. The magic, however, is in the actual sheets themselves. While I imagine there are many ways to use these sheets for planning, I use them for each day of the week. As you can see above, each sheet represents one day of the school week. Inside the sheet I have divided my academic day by activity and the time it occurs.
    As you can see, these plans are not very detailed. For detailed plans, I use an actual teaching resource (this could be a teacher's edition or a created lesson plan by myself or colleagues). These weekly plans simply help me to organize, or lay out, the week. They also allow me to hold links, important goals/events, etc.  for the week. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of how I use Google Sheets for my weekly planning.

Are you using Google Sheets for lesson planning or otherwise? I'd love to hear about it!