Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Facebook Group: Teachers Who Podcast

     Are you a fan of podcasts? I am. For the last couple of years I have been listening to podcasts like crazy (I'm listening to one right now). After becoming an avid podcast listener, it was only natural that I start my own podcast. Since I have been blogging for years about teaching, it was the perfect transition to podcasting. I'm still blogging about teaching, but now I am podcasting about teaching as well. However, being a podcast consumer is much different than being a podcast producer. I found myself with lots of questions, and therefore sought a couple of podcast producer groups. They have been very helpful in my transformation as a podcast producer. 
    Participating in these podcast producer groups made me realize that I'd love to be partake in an educational podcaster group. However, I was unable to find much out there (is this really that new? I suppose it is). As such, I decided to start my own educational podcaster group where educators who podcast can unite. This new group, "Teachers who Podcast", was formed to do just that. If you are an educator who also podcasts, I invite you to join! We're still growing as a group, but I invite you to come and grow with us. You can do so by clicking right here. 

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