In this episode of Time to Teach, the second in this month's work and life balance theme, I focus on how to incorporate mindfulness and exercise in your busy day. I share how I use mindfulness, and how it can be included in the classroom. We also hear from a very special guest who shares her experience with mindfulness in the classroom! You don't want to miss that!
Additionally, I provide tips on how to include exercise in your daily schedule, as well as comment on the importance of drinking water, eating healthfully, and getting enough sleep. Listen to this episode and learn all about incorporating mindfulness and exercise to help you achieve work and life balance.

Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction 

0:58 Mindfulness  

6:14 Special Guest Interview

9:03 Exercise and how to make it happen

14:50 The importance of water, heathful eating, and sleep

20:13 Tami gets a little morbid (stop that, Tami!)

Contact information:

Twitter: @TamiJ123

Facebook page: Time to Teach

Facebook Group: Teachers for Effective Curriculum

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