You might have noticed infographics emerging all over the internet. You might even have been intrigued by them and wondered how you could make your own infographics. In this post, I will explain what infographics are, as well as ways you can use them.

     An infographic is essentially a visual image of some sort. Within it there is information or data. This is sometimes in the form of a graph or a chart. Since it is visual, it grabs attention and can display a lot of information in limited space. In today's world of instant gratification, the infographic is a powerful tool.

Ways to Use an Infographic

     An infographic can be used in many different ways. In fact, its uses are probably limitless. Again, one way to use them is to display graphs or charts. That probably doesn't need much more of an explanation. Here are a few other ideas:

1) Announcements: I created an infographic this year to announce a field trip. I then sent it out to the parents and displayed on my class website as well. 

2) Cover art: As a host of my own podcast show, I create infographics with each episode's name. 

3) Visual aid: Once I created an infographic that displayed all the strategies avid non-fiction writers use. That can be handy when a student is writing and needs a reminder! 

4) Research findings: Older students can report out on their research findings through infographics. 

5) Student goals: Different strategies can become goals that students work towards. Infographics can display those goals, with space for students to check off which goals they have met, and which ones they are currently working on. 

Infographic Sites

     Here is a list of some sites where you can begin having fun with infographics. These sites are current and working at the time of the publication of this post. Canva is the site I use to make my infographics. There is no real reason for this except it is the first one I explored and have always really liked it. 

1) Canva

     Do you use infographics in the classroom? I would love to hear about it. 


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