In episode 9 of "Time to Teach", I discussed digital tools that I am loving that you might want to try. These are tools that enhance teaching and student learning, and tools that you might want to add to your toolbox. Try them out this summer and you'll be ready with a few new digital tools for the fall.

 Get Epic

     This is a fantastic website for children's books. I use this site primarily for books I think will be good for a read aloud. You can also set up your class so that students have access to the books in class or at home. Teachers can set up an account for free, and free is always nice!


     This is a tool that is new to me. It's easy and simple to use, and that's something I can appreciate. This simple tool allows you to upload pictures, use filters, and add text. As such, you can use it to make memes. Memes are all the rage right now, so why not get your students doing something they enjoy while connecting it to academics?
     A few ways you might want to use memes in your classroom: vocabulary, word study, character studies in literature, announcements and sayings.


     Canva is one of my new favorite tools. You can make infographics and many other kinds of graphics. Many options within canva are free, but there are also items you will have to pay for if you want to use it. You can use this to make digital invitations, memes, announcements, online posts, etc. I love this tool!


     Padlet is a digital bulletin board. It is wonderful because it is so versatile. You can create boards and add links, texts, and images. You can invite collaborators, or you can share the link for others to simply view. It's uses are limitless, but here are a few ways I have used it: to upload student pictures to share with parents; my own dream board; planning.

Google Drive

     Since Google Drive is in the cloud, you can work on your documents from anywhere. That's probably one of the best features of Google Drive. Anything and everything can be done in Google drive. I type letters, announcements, create presentations, and lesson plan within Google Drive.

Story Jumper

     Digital story telling is such a fantastic way for students to develop their craft of writing. I really like to use Story Jumper for digital story telling as I find it easy to use. You may add the preset images (backgrounds, objects, etc.), or use your own. I actually use story telling to write my own books to read as read alouds! I have done so to introduce myself to my students at the beginning of the school year, explain how to treat our classroom books, include math & social studies concepts.

     How are you preparing yourself for the fall? I'd love to hear about it.


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