In my most recent podcast episode from "Time to Teach", I discussed several digital matters and tasks that teachers should work on during the summer. Working on these items in the summer will lighten the heavy to-do load at the beginning of the new school year. Here are the items I discussed: 

Lesson Planning

     Plan at least the first week back to school. Activities during this time should primarily focus on building community in your classroom. You also want to include time to observe student habits, as well as really get to know them (i.e. what are their interests? what do they enjoy to do outside of school?). 

 Emergency Sub plans

     You never know when an emergency (sickness or otherwise) will occur, leaving you with no choice but to miss a day of school. Nothing is worse than lesson planning when that happens. Do yourself a favor and have one emergency lesson plan already typed up and ready to go. Do yourself an even bigger favor and type out three. You will probably not need more than one, but it's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. 

Policies and Procedures

     Everything needs procedures, and many things need policies. How will you handle students going to the bathroom? Transitions? Electronic usage in the classroom? Pencils? You will need a plan for everything that takes place in your classroom, and you will need to share this plan with students from day one. If you are a veteran teacher, think about what hasn't been working and decide on tweaks you can make to improve it. 

Learn a New Digital Tool for Productivity 

     There's so many digital tools out there meant to enhance your productivity. Take time this summer to find one and learn how to use it. Once you do that, learn another tool. My new favorite is Google Keep. It's essentially a platform for virtual sticky notes. Anything you might put on a sticky note you can put here. Additionally, it can hold links and images. It's my new favorite tool!

Social Media

     Social media is a great way to network and learn from other educators. If you aren't already networking, you want to start. Begin with one social media platform and learn how to use it. Once you have a good understanding of it, then try another one. If you are already networking, challenge yourself to learn another social media platform and start using that one as well.      Even though I have been signed up with Twitter since forever, I've really started using it like crazy this summer. My completely new social media network, however, is LinkedIn. I finally set up an account and have started using that this summer. 

Online Courses

     Summer is an opportunity for learning. With the movement of massive open online courses (MOOC), education is more accessible than ever before (Coursera is one of my favorites). Take time to grow professionally this summer, but also take time for your personal interests. Find a course that has nothing to do with education, but speaks to your interest. It's important to grow your whole self! 

Educational podcasts

     Podcasts are such a wonderful medium for education. Find an education podcast this summer that will help you grow professionally. Likewise, find a podcast that speaks to your personal interests. Growing all parts of you benefits your students, because the more you grow, the better of an educator you will be.  

     Taking time to work on these digital matters and tasks will help lighten your load come fall. Happy growing!

     Listen to the podcast in full here.

    How are you growing this summer? I'd love to hear about it!


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