In episode 6 of my podcast "Time to Teach", I discuss three healthy habits to establish in the summer. I explain the importance of forming those habits during summer so that they are a natural part of your life by fall. Once these habits are in place, you'll be able to start your new school year feeling healthy, energetic, and refreshed. A healthier you will lead to a successful school year!
    To begin, establishing healthy habits can seem a daunting task. This is especially true when we are in the midst of a busy time, such as the beginning of a school year. This makes summer the perfect time to slowly establish healthy habits. Doing so will mean you start the new school year with a new, healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will cause you to feel better, and when you feel better, everything is better.
    Here are the three healthy habits I speak of in Episode 6, as well as strategies for you to beginning forming these healthy habits.

Habit: Healthy eating


A) Begin to decrease the amount of processed foods you are consuming a week. Start slowly. Choose 1-2 foods to decrease. Eventually you want to eliminate these foods completely so that by the new school year you are eating much less processed foods.

B) Each week, include something healthy into your diet. For example, week one, start to eat more salads. Week 2,  include more healthy vegetables. Make sure that each week while you are minimzing processed foods, you are adding in healthy foods!

Habit: Exercise


A) Choose a time and stick to it. Keep it close to the time frame you will be exercising during the school year. 

B) Start slowly. Choose 3 days, and exercise 10-15 minutes. Each week, add another 5-10 minute to your work out time. 

C) After a couple of weeks of adding to your workout time, then add another day. 

D) Repeat this process until you have met your desired workout time and number of days each week. 

Habit: Good Sleep


A) Decide how many hours you need each night to feel well rested the following day. 

B) Pick a bedtime that works for you and stick to it. Keep it close to what your bedtime will be during the school year. 

C) Set your alarm (yes, even though you are summer vacation) to allow you to get the amount of sleep hours you need.  

D) During the last week of vacation, start adjusting your time closer to what your bedtime will be when school starts. 

     Following these strategies will help you fully implement the above habits by the new school year. Once you have healthy habits in place you'll feel better and perform better. Consequently, you will enjoy your days so much more. Are you ready for a healthier, more energized you? Let's get started!

     If you would like to listen to the episode where I explain more about these 3 habits, just click on the play button above. Like what you hear? You can subscribe to my podcast Time to Teach, available on iTunes or Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. You may also listen online here.


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